Key features

1) Group and One-on-one sessions: I have both group and one-one-one sessions according to your needs.

2) High Yield Notes: I will provide you notes, which will cover almost everything: so you don’t have to read too many books. Just read my notes, practice UW and give the exam.

3) Join me wherever you are: You can attend my sessions from any part of the world. You will get a classroom like experience. Teaching is through gotomeeting and you will feel like sitting in a classroom.

4) Strengthen your concepts: Students fail in this exam because they lack the basics. I have worked hard to provide you with each and every concept so that you don’t need to cram the concepts but will learn them by heart.

5) Easily understandable slides: I have a huge collection of high yield slides, CT scans, X-rays, MRI, which will make your concepts very clear.

6) Regular assessment: I will assess you periodically through tests at the end of each chapter


I can understand the frustration, which occurs when one prepares for the licensing exams. I have a passion for teaching and can help you guys who have difficulty in understanding the concepts of step 2 CK. I teach in groups and also one-on-one through gotomeeting. Once you join my sessions you will be highly motivated to crack this exam a.s.a.p. So join me now.