Class Schedule

This is the schedule for 50-day course. For complete schedule of the 30-day course please contact me.

Cardiology Respiratory
Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7
Heart sounds, Murmurs CHF, CAD Arrhythmias Cardiomyopathy Pericarditis Tamponade. Shock Pneumonias COPD, Asthma, PE. Pulmonary HT, Pleural abnormalities. OSA Ventilation, ILD
GIT Neurology
Day8 Day9 Day10 Day11 Day12 Day13 Day14
Dyspepsia, GI bleed, Diarrhea. IBD. Dysphagia. Pancreatitis. Biliary tract pathology Liver cirrhosis and underlying pathologies. Hepatitis Brain tumors and Brain stem Syndromes. Stroke/TIA, Brain hemorrhage Dementia and Delirium. Parkinsonism. Headache, Epilepsy. Multiple sclerosis. GBS. M. Gravis. Brain death, Syncope
Hematology Nephrology
Day15 Day16 Day17 Day18 Day19 Day20 Day21
Types of Anemia. Microcytic. Macrocytic Normocytic Leukemias & lymphomas. Bleeding disorders. DVT, Blood transfusions Oncology AKI, CKD, Nephrolithiasis. Glomerular disease, UTI, Hematuria Electrolytes and acid base imbalance
Endocrinology Infectious disease Rheumatology
Day22 Day23 Day24 Day25 Day26 Day27 Day28 Day29 Day30 Day31 Day32
Adrenal abnormalities Thyroid disorders Parathyroid gland Diabetes mellitus, Types of ulcers, Pituitary abnormalities, Hypogonadism HIV infection, Endocarditis, Tick borne diseases, Tuberculosis Meningitis. Fungal infections, Parasitic infections, STD, Osteomyelitis Dermatology RA, SLE, S.S. Ankylosing spondylitis, Gout. OA Septic arthritis, Vasculitis, Inflammatory myopathies, Back pain, Foot pain, Knee pain
Pediatrics Surgery
Day33 Day34 Day35 Day36 Day37 Day38 Day39 Day40 Day41
Neonatology Adolescence Syndromes Vitamin deficiencies, Dermatology, GIT, Respiratory. Neurology, Rheumatology, Hematology Nephrology and Cardiology Trauma Burns, Orthopedics Postoperative state, GIT Urology, Solitary pulmonary nodule, Breast
Day42 Day43 Day44 Day45 Day46 Day47 Day48 Day49 Day50
Ethics. Poisoning. Drugs S/E Sleeping disorders, Somatoform disorders, Eating disorders, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, Childhood disorders. Signs of Pregnancy, Physiological changes in pregnancy, Torch infections, FHR monitoring, Antepartum Hemorrhage Abortion, PROM, Preterm labor, Preeclampsia Labor, Gynecology, Cancer of Cervix, Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhea, Urinary incontinence. PID, Vaginal d/s, contraception, precocious puberty, Anovulation Amenorrhea. Infertility. Menopause Biostat