50-day (100 hours) course: This course involves teaching in a Group. I have 5 to 6 students in each group so that due importance is given to each student. Teaching will be through gotomeeting by screen sharing. I will conduct periodic tests to know your progress. I teach Monday to Saturday and my each session lasts for two hours. My sessions run continuously so that even if you join me in the middle of the course the chapter will be repeated after 50 days.
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30-day (60 hours) course: This course includes one-on-one teaching. If group teaching is not good for you then you can join this course. The syllabus will be finished within 30 days even if you are a beginner.


1) Course Starts: Attend to my lectures and read my high yield notes. After each chapter practice questions from Uworld chapterwise. I will also conduct tests at the end of each chapter.

2) Assess yourself periodically: Give NBME test in the middle of the course. After the course finishes do mixed questions in timed mode from Kaplan Q bank or may be you can practice questions from USMLE Rx.

3) Give the exam: Give another NBME just before the exam. Do not delay and give the exam asap because more you delay more you will forget as things are very volatile.

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